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When creating your courses in Evolve, you can quickly and easily view your course and any changes made. This article provides an overview of how you can live preview content and pause live preview mode.

Live Preview

Once you are editing a course, you will see a blue Live Preview button in the top right corner. Click this button to open a preview of your course in a new window.

A new window will open with a live preview of your course.

Course content in Live Preview Mode

Any changes made in the editor will automatically appear in the live preview window. As a result, you do not need to refresh the page for changes to appear.

To quickly view pages, articles, blocks, and components in Live Preview, click the purple Eye icon, Show in Opened Live Preview. You will return to the live preview screen and the course will now show the item on the screen.

Pause live preview

When you’re reviewing a course you might want to pause Live Preview updates so you aren’t interrupted with the preview updating while others are editing the course.

You can do this using the Live Preview Toolbar following the steps below:

  1. Open Live Preview
  2. Select the blue arrow at the bottom of the page to open the Live Preview Toolbar.
  3. Once the toolbar is open click Pause to pause Live Preview updates.

Any updates being made in the course while you have paused live preview will not appear until you click the Pause icon again. Additionally, any updates made during this time will appear automatically once unpaused.

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