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Course components in Evolve are housed within pages. Content can exist across a single page or span many pages based on the preferred learner experience for a course.

Default Page(s)

Upon creating a course in Evolve, at least one page will be added automatically. More may be included at course creation if a template with multiple pages was selected.

To begin, click Add Page.

Add a New Page

Click the Add Page icon above the course outline to add a new page to the course. This will add a page titled New Page an automatically select the new page for editing.

Remove a Page

If too many pages have been added to a course, it can easily be removed using one of the two following methods:

  • Hover over the page in the course outline, click the ellipses (...), and select Delete from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the page to populate it in the editing screen, then click the delete icon.

Note: Both methods will require confirmation by clicking the Delete Page button in the popup modal.

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