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To create the best course layout possible, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the course elements associated with Evolve courses.

In this article, we provide a breakdown of Evolve course elements and their functions.

Course builder overview

Courses consist of four elements: pages, articles, blocks, and components. When creating a course, one or more pages will automatically be added based on selected style or template, and are immediately available for editing.

  1. Click Create Course
  2. Select tab for Blank Course or Course Template
  3. Enter a Course Title
  4. Select a Template
  5. Click Create Course button

Course element breakdown

The course structure is as follows:


A page will contain articles, blocks, and components. Adding more than one page within a course will automatically create a menu. Clicking the edit icon will allow you to change the page title, description, and add a hero image among other things.


Articles sit within pages and are typically used to separate out blocks of content, such as an introduction or knowledge check. Clicking the edit icon will allow you to add an article title and body text along with background images.


Blocks sit within articles and allow you to add components to your page. You have the ability to add as many blocks to an article as you'd like.


Components are added within blocks. You can add up to 2 components per block. Should you need to add more components, simply add more blocks within the article. Components can sit full width or half width, two-thirds left or two-thirds right. They can also be aligned to the top, center, or bottom (when there are 2 components).

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