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Groups — available as an app within Intellum Social — allows users to discuss specific topics and interact via posts and comments.

This article provides an overview of creating and managing users and groups in Intellum Social.

Create New Groups & Add Users

Admins (and users if allowed) can create new groups directly in the Groups page. Simply click Create New Group at the top left of the page.

When you create a new group, you are asked to define the Membership Mode for that group - this determines how users are added to the group and how the group's membership is managed:

Invite Only

Users are to be added via a group invite link; the link can be emailed or posted for users to follow and join.

Groups Only

Users are mapped based on an existing Group membership in the Intellum platform. Intellum Platform Groups are added through an Intellum Social group's Properties - by an admin. Users may need to log out and log back in to Social be able to see the new group.

When users are added to a group, they will then have access through the Groups navigation icon in the Intellum platform.

Group Settings

As an admin, you have access to the ActivitiesMembers, Properties, and Flagged content of every group within your Social Organization.

As a group owner, you have access to these items for only the groups you've been assigned to.


A listing of the members of a group - if the group's membership mode was set to Invite Only, you'll find the invite link in the Members tab.

Note: Users will not appear in a group's Members tab until they successfully log in to Social for the first time.


A group's Properties gives you access to:

General Properties:

  • Name: The group's name.
  • Description: A summary of the group's purpose or focus.
  • Sticky Note: A note pinned to the top of a group's feed.
  • Hero Image: Upload or update the group's Hero Image, visible to group members on the Groups page. This option is only available if custom hero images are allowed in the Admin Group Settings.
  • Posting Restrictions: Enable the Only Owners property to restrict new posts to group owners. Group members can comment on posts, but have no access to create new posts.
  • Hide Activities: Activities older than the defined time period will no longer be accessible in the feed.
  • Delete Activities: Activities older than the defined time period will be permanently deleted if enabled.
  • Notifications: Set the default notification settings for new users in the group. Default settings can be:
    • Never
    • When I Am Mentioned
    • Always

Intellum Group Platforms: If the group's membership mode was set to Group Only, you can add all users in an Intellum Platform Group as members.

Click Save Changes when you make changes to any properties.

Flagged Content

If any activities, comments, or answers have been flagged by users, the corresponding content will appear here alongside the name of the user who flagged it.

Admins can set flag limits to automatically remove content that is flagged enough. To learn how to auto-remove flagged content, please see the following article.

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