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Content embed posts allow users to view and interact with content linked from the Intellum platform directly in Social Apps. This means that users don't have to navigate elsewhere in the Intellum platform to engage with your content.

This article will describe how content embeds posts are created and the user experience of embedded content from the platform.

Embed Content

When select activity types from the Intellum platform are shared in Intellum Social apps, the link preview indicate whether that activity can be opened and interacted with.

As a note: Pages, assessments, and eLearning activities can be opened using the embed feature.

To take advantage of this feature, locate and copy the URL of a live activity you'd like to share. Once you've copied the URL, open an Intellum Social app, paste the link, and post.

User Experience

Once your link is posted, the post will feature a Launch icon. This indicates that the link can be opened in an iframe within Social. It also differentiates the post from other standard Social posts.

When the student clicks the link, the activity will open within Social, as seen below:

The user has the option to navigate to the activity within the Intellum platform by clicking the arrow icon. They can also exit the launched activity within Social by clicking the exit icon.

Users can view page content, complete surveys, and more in the iframe itself when the activity is launched.

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