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Accessible with Intellum Social, Community helps you explore learning in the Intellum platform through a shared space for fellow learners, instructors, and experts to collaborate around the best answers to a question.

In this article, we’ll cover accessing, navigating, and using Community.

Access Community

Once Intellum Social and the Community app are enabled for your account, click on the Community icon in the app switcher at the top left of the page to access Community.

Community Features

Community Home Page

When you navigate to Community, the following navigation items and features are available:

  • Search the Community: A search bar where you enter text to look up existing questions and answers.

  • Featured Topics: A visual list displaying the most active topic sections.

  • Topics (Sidebar Menu): Displays a list of topic sections and topics on the left-hand side of the Community home page.

  • Recent Questions: The latest questions asked by community members.

  • My Questions: The personal view of all questions you have asked.

  • Ask a Question: Submit a question to the community.

Search & Topics

Click in the Search the community... search bar at the top of the page to access the search function. Type out words or phrases such as a feature or issue you have a question about and press the enter/return key. All questions and answers that contain the searched word or phrase will appear.

If you don't find a relevant question or answer, click on the Ask a question prompt that appears below the search bar to move to the Ask a question page.

Featured Topics appears near the top of the Community home page, displaying five topics with cover images. You can click the cover image of each topic to navigate to their respective lists of questions.

Topics (Sidebar Menu)

Topic sections and topics can be accessed in the Topics sidebar menu to the left of the Community home page. Clicking the arrow to the left of a topic section will show the list of topics it contains.

Clicking a topic section will take you to a page listing the topics under the section, while clicking a topic will take you to a page listing the questions under the topic.

Topic Section & Topic Pages

In a topic section page, all of the topics in the section are displayed, with each showing three questions at most. At the bottom of each topic, there is a prompt you can click to see all the questions under the topic.

Click the Follow button at the top of a topic section page or a topic page to receive email notifications when a question under the topic section or topic is created or replied to.


What Makes Up a Question?

At the top of each question, you can view how long ago the question was asked, who asked the question, and which topic the question is associated with. You’ll also be able to see how many answers a question has.

Solved questions are indicated by a green check mark icon. Only admins and users who asked a question can solve or unsolve the question.

You can click the up or down arrows to upvote or downvote a question. The same applies to answers.

Click the hyperlinked answers to view all answers to a specific question.

For a question you have asked, click the three dots in the upper right corner of your question to edit or delete it. The same applies to answers.

Recent Questions

You can view and respond to recent questions in the Recent Questions area of the Community home page. Recent questions are automatically filtered by the newest asked questions. To sort by recent activity or how many votes each question has, click the drop-down icon in the Sort By filter menu and click Recent Activity or Votes.

You can continuously click Show more questions at the bottom of the page to reveal additional questions asked further back.

My Questions

To view the history of all questions you've asked, click View all my questions.

Ask a Question

You can post a question by clicking Ask a question. Select a topic for your question via the drop down menu. Next, enter a title and description.

The following text formatting is available for questions:

  • Bold

  • Italics

  • Block quote

  • Hyperlink (includes Exceed embed models for Pages, CourseWares such as Evolve and SCORM, and Assessments/Surveys)

  • File attachments

  • Emojis

Flagging Content

If you see a question or answer you feel is inappropriate, you can flag the content to alert a community moderator.

Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the question and select the Flag option. A pop up will appear asking for further information. This process also applies to answers.

Once the flag is submitted, a community moderator will review the question or answer and decide whether to delete the content or remove the flag.

If your admins have set up auto-removal for flagged content, some flagged content will disappear after receiving the minimum number of flags. This minimum number is set by your admins.


Email notifications for your community are sent in the following instances:

  • When a question is created or replied to under a topic section or topic you follow
  • Replies to your questions

  • Direct mentions

  • When an admin solves a question

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