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If any community, especially large and active ones, there's a chance that questionable content may appear. Admins and community moderators can track and handle content that users have flagged as inappropriate or incorrect.

This article will cover managing questions and answers, including tasks such as how to handle flagged content and how to mark a question as solved.

Community Moderators

Community moderators can be a great help in keeping track of flagged content. To learn how to enable community moderators for specific topics, please see the following article.

Flagged Content

Auto-removing Flagged Content

Admins can set flag limits to automatically remove questions and answers that are flagged enough. To learn how to auto-remove flagged content, please see the following article.

Manually Handling Flagged Content

For more hands-on cases, you can rely on community moderators; only they can see flagged content in the topics they're assigned to. A question or answer that is flagged will have red borders and have a red flag symbol.

Community moderators will receive a notification email when a question or answer has been flagged. This email will contain the explanation the community member provided for flagging the content.

Only community moderators can unflag a flagged question or answer. They can do so by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the question or answer and then clicking Unflag.

Solving Questions

Only admins and users who asked a question can mark the question as solved or unsolved. Solved questions are indicated by a green check mark icon. To solve a question, click the three dots in the top right corner of an answer > Solve.

The answer that is chosen as the solution will be marked with a green checkmark icon and pinned to the top of the answer list if there are multiple answers. If you click the three dots again on the same answer, you can then click Unsolve if the answer is seen as no longer correct.

Pinning a Question on a Topic Page

On a topic page, you can pin a question and keep it at the top of the question list by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of an answer > Pin. Use this feature to bring focus on questions you think are important to learners.

You can only pin one question at a time and will have to unpin (three dots > Unpin) the existing pinned question before you can pin a new question.

Deleting Content

Both community moderators and admins can delete a question or answer. Like the unflagging, solving, and pinning options, click the three dots on a question or answer and click Delete. However, a solved question cannot be deleted until it's first unsolved. Similarly, an answer selected as the solution to a question cannot be deleted until it's no longer selected as the solution.

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