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This article provides an overview of where you can double-check where Logic settings have been applied within your Evolve course.


There are three different areas where you can check where Logic settings have been applied to your course:

  1. Page Editor
  2. Variable Section
  3. Live Preview Toolbar

Page Editor

In the page editor, you will see an icon wherever that particular item (page, article, block, or component) has been used in a trigger. You can click on the arrow to see which triggers they are.

Variable Section

In order to see where a variable has been used in a course you can visit the Variable section under Logic.

Once there, select a specific variable and you will see the usage. The usage shows if a variable has been used in a trigger or in body text and the location within it.

Live Preview Toolbar

The Live Preview Toolbar includes two features to support you when creating courses with Logic:

  • Show hidden content - Once selected, this will show you all ‘hidden content’ in a course. This is useful whilst creating and reviewing content.

  • Logic - once selected you will be able to review all variables and triggers in this course. The Log tab will show when a trigger has been activated or when a variable changes its value.

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