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In summary:

  1. You will now choose and set moderators within each topic of Community.

  2. You can now set a flag threshold within Social settings for both Community and Groups to initiate auto-deletion of flagged content.

What's changed?

Continuing our commitment to providing requested features within the Intellum Platform and Social integration, we are adding two new features to Social admin settings to increase security and customization.

  • Firstly, the ability to choose and set moderators at Topic level within Community, so that moderators can be assigned only to certain topics, not all.
  • Secondly, the option to turn on and set a flagging threshold for posts and comments in Groups and for Questions and Answers within Community. This means any item flagged to that threshold will automatically be removed, rather than having to be manually moderated.

How has the learner experience changed?

When learners flag posts within Community or Groups, if that content has reached the flag threshold, it will immediately vanish (the page may require a refresh for Community topics).

Learners will have a better experience using a Community in which moderators can focus on individual topics and not having to keep track of or remove flagged content manually.

What is the impact on Admins?

Remember, all of your Social settings are now in one convenient place!

  • Open the Admin panel.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on the Social tab.
Location of social settings

There are two things that Admins will want to view and set once these features are available.

  1. Flag Thresholds - Turn on and set your thresholds within Community and Groups if desired, under Social Settings.
  2. Topic Moderators - All previous moderators will have been set to Topic moderators for all topics. Visit each Topic under the Community menu to customize them.

Flag Thresholds

You can opt-in to this feature, and choose the flag threshold between 1 and 100, in both Group Settings and also Community Settings.

  • Go to AdminSettings > Social and change the Auto-remove Flagged Content setting.
  • Choose your threshold between 1 and 100.
  • Save Changes.

Topic Moderators

To edit, add or remove moderators from a Topic in Community:

  • Go to Admin > Community and locate and click on your chosen Topic in the list.
  • Find the Add a moderator setting.
  • To add, enter a few letters of the moderator's name and select them from the list as they appear.
  • To delete, use the X beside the name to remove.
  • Save Changes.

Note: Moderators of a topic must belong to a Group that has access to view that topic.

Setting moderators in a Communtiy Topic

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