In this path, we will break down each point of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) into more easily understandable terms, and explain what the implications are for creating your accessible Evolve course content. For more general advice on making your content accessible, please refer to our Accessibility Guide - working with Evolve.

You will note that each point is classified as either Level A (lowest conformance), Level AA (mid-level conformance) or Level AAA (highest level of conformance). Meeting a higher level requirement automatically means meeting the lower level requirement - for example, by conforming to Level AA, you automatically meet the Level A requirement.

Whilst eLearning traditionally aims for Level AA conformance, you will see below that you can use Evolve to conform to many Level AAA requirements. There are 77 points below, and Evolve can meet the vast majority of them (these guidelines are written with web content in mind rather than eLearning, and as such some points are not applicable).