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Versioning lets you track activity development through a content management workflow in the platform. Intellum's reports tool gives you a versioning-specific field to help you dig in to the enrollments in each version of your Published activities.

This article provides an overview of versioning's impact on reports and walks you through use of the Enrollment Course Version Number field as a column in platform reports.


Versioning supports content workflows by allowing you and your teams to update or edit the Draft version of an activity, while a Published version remains accessible to your learners.

Things to Note:

  • Report data is only available for Published versions of an activity
  • The Enrollment Course Version Number field can help you filter or review enrollments in a specific Published version of an activity
  • If you support multiple languages, each child locale you create is considered equivalent to the parent locale it is based on; leverage equivalency fields in reporting to highlight these relationships.

Enrollment course version number field

The Enrollment Course Version Number column can be used to include or filter data related to the specific version of an activity.

This field can be applied as a column in the following reports:

  • Activity Enrollments
  • Activity Enrollment Tasks
  • Activity Enrollment Video Status
  • Assessment Responses
  • Assessment Response Questions
  • Letter Logs
  • Page, Path, and Collection Enrollments
  • SCORM/AICC Interactions
  • Survey Responses
  • Survey Response Questions
  • User Enrollments

Apply as a report column

Add Enrollment Course Version Number as a report column to include the specific version number of an activity in the data pulled from the platform.

For example, you can pull an activity enrollments report to see exactly which version of an activity your learners have completed - as seen below:

Apply to your report query

Add Enrollment Course Version Number to filter your report results using specific version numbers.

For example, you can pull an activity enrollments report to review which learners completed a specific version of an activity - as seen below:

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