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February 2024 | Product Updates

Intellum Product Updates


Check out the latest on what’s new, updated, and coming soon across Intellum’s customer, partner, and employee education solutions.

This month, create learning objectives in a flash using Automated Learning Objectives in Intellum Labs, increase the security of your assessments with Honorlock for Webex, and get ready for our next AI-driven feature: Personalized Learning Plans and Profiles.

Available Now



Learning Objectives on Paths and Activities let you connect learner engagement to concrete goals, enhancing both motivation and the effectiveness of the learning experience.

Now, you can automatically generate those Learning Objectives with just a click.

Available to enable as part of Intellum AI Labs.



Administrators and facilitators can now create scheduled Honorlock assessments that include a mandatory WebEx Meeting with a proctor for verifying the identity of the learner taking the exam.

This additional layer of security gives extra assurance that only verified learners are taking assessments.

Coming Soon



Automatically create comprehensive profiles and highly-personalized learning plans from conversations, not questionnaires.

Through a dynamic, approachable conversation, Intellum’s AI weaves together a learner's job title, educational background, and career ambitions with their skills and learning preferences to create a truly individualized learning plan and profile.

With minimal admin oversight required, it's effortless to deliver enriched, goal-oriented learning experiences at scale that are as ambitious as your learners.

Coming soon to Intellum AI Labs.

Please contact your Strategic Relationship Manager to learn more.

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Intellum Evolve - Level up your content authoring skills:

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  • Evolve 101: Basic content creation, management, and publishing

  • Evolve 102: Components, media management, and themes