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April - June 2019 | Product Updates


June 24

In-App Callout for the Outline in Paths

We've added a callout for learners that highlights the location of the Path outline. The callout is removed when a learner opens a Path's outline - or clicks close on the callout.

Callout highlighting the location of the Outline in a Path

We've updated the platform to help learners differentiate between the topics they've elected to follow and the topic follows recommended to them in the platform. Topic Rows and Topic Pages in your Catalog now include a Recommended tag to highlight those topic follows for learners. Learners can also now click on a recommended topic's name to visit the topic page - and unfollow a recommended topic, if needed.

Learners will now see a Recommended tag for topic follows recommended in the platform

June 17

Updates to Session Status Buttons

We've updated Session enrollment status buttons throughout the platform to reflect the following statuses:

  • Enroll > Enrolled
  • Request > Requested
  • Join Waitlist > Waitlisted

Session Status Options for Learners

Alongside Unenrolling from a Session, your learners now have the option to:

  • Remove themselves from the waitlist of an already full session;
  • Cancel their request to join a session that required admin, or facilitator, authorization.

To do so, learners simply click on the Session status button again - they'll be asked to confirm the cancellation of the request before they are removed from the session - as seen in the short video below:

Fixes & Notifications

Dropped Enrollments Removed from the Participants Tab

Previously, when a learner dropped a Session, they remained listed in the Participants tab for the session - accessible to admin/facilitators via My Sessions whileworking in learner-view. Now, when a learner drops a session, they will be removed from the Participants tab accessible via My Sessions.

Learners who drop a session are no longer included in the Participants tab accessible to facilitators and admin.

API V3 | Updates to Assessments and Assessment Sections

Previously, updating an assessment, or updating an assessment section as part of updating an assessment activity (course), did not actually trigger an update to the assessment - assessment section, or any of its contents. It now updates the assessment, assessment sections, any questions, and the question choices it contains.

June 10

Activity Codes in Topic View

For platform continuity, an activity's Code, if available, will be included alongside the activity title when the activity is added to a topic - as seen below:

If available, an activity's Code will be displayed with its name when added to a Topic.

Filter by Organization within Activity Enrollments

For ease of use, we've updated the advanced filter within the Enrollments tab of activities. Instead of entering the Organization ID to filter the user list, you can now filter users by choosing from a dropdown list of existing Organizations.

The advanced filter within activity enrollments now features a dropdown menu for filtering by Organization.

Improvements in Handling Content from Amazon Cloudfront

We've updated the platform to improve our connection to your video and image content delivered via Amazon Cloudfront. For learners, this means faster loading, and improved availability, of the media in your activities.

Fixes & Notifications

Child Topic Cover Art

We've removed a setting that would hide the cover art of child topics within a topic. Now, cover art will be displayed for all child topics.

Activity Sample File Updated

We've updated the Activity Sample File available on the Bulk Imports page for activities to reflect new fields within activity Properties.

June 3

Update Deep Search Setting via Activity Imports & Integrations

The Deep Search setting available on Collections and Paths can now be updated via Bulk Import of Activities or Activity Integrations. Enabling Deep Search on Collections and Paths hides the individual Activities within from appearing in search results within the context of a Collection or Path.

Fixes & Notifications

-Evaluated By- Column Removed from User Enrollment Reports

We've removed the evaluated by column from User Enrollments reports. When added as a column to a User Enrollment report, the evaluated by column would cause the report to fail and generate an error.

May 13

Improved Search for Learners within Locale

We've improved search results for users within Locales to make it easier for them to find and access learning activities specific to their locale. Now, when a user searches your Catalog, activities that have been assigned to the user's locale will display before activities with no, or a different, locale.

Search results now prioritize the Locale of learning activities for learners

Add URLs to Your Photos in Pages

You can now add URLs to your Photo components in Pages. After uploading an image, select the component to reveal an image formatting menu that now includes a link tool - letting you add a URL to your image. When a learner clicks on the image, they'll be directed to the linked URL - as seen below:

Adding a URL to an image within a Page. Learners simply click on the image to access the linked content

May 6

We've Added New Features to Pages

Pages officially launched on March 28 - and you've made amazing use of them since! In that time, you've built 400+Pages for learners and learners have racked up*12,000+* Page completions. We're all pretty impressed with the work you've put into Pages - and we hope you'll be equally impressed with the work we're putting in to make Pages even easier to use.

Break it Up...Break it Up | Add Components between Text

You can now break up the text in your Pages to insert other components. We've been've got great content flowing in a Post component, but wish there was a way to insert a new component, like an instructional graphic or video, to further illustrate your point.

Use the Enter key to insert a new components between text in Pages.

We've updated Pages to do just that! Break up the text in your Post components using the Enter key and you'll be given the option to add a new component. If you keep typing, any new text is simply combined with the original Post component. But if you add a new Photo, Video, Link, or File component, the original Post component is broken into separate, and separately managed, Post components.

We've Got Your Back | Help Icons added to Pages

Alongside the add-component enhancement, you'll now see two icons at the bottom-right of every Page you build.

The first icon links you directly to Pages documentation in Experience, helping you get started with - or learn more about - building Pages.

The ? icon takes you to Pages documentation in Experience

The second icon keeps you updated on the saved status of the Page you're working in -  showing you when the platform is working on unsaved changes and updating once your changes are saved.

Pages now feature an icon to indicate when your changes have been saved.

"Edit" Button in Shared Reports disabled for Restricted Admin

Previously, if a Report was shared with a Restricted Admin, the Restricted Admin could make changes to the report query or report columns via the Edit button. The platform has been updated to only allow Edit access to Unrestricted Admin or to the Restricted Admin who created the Report.

Message shown to a Restricted Admin attempting to edit a shared Report.

Special Character Search - "Add Existing Activity/Path"

You can now use special characters (i.e. an ampersand, dash, etc.) to search existing activities/paths when adding content to a Path or Collection.

Search existing activities using special characters - like an ampersand.

Search User Enrollments by Activity Code

We've updated the platform to allow you to search a user's Enrollments by Activity Code - as seen below:

Fixes & Notifications

GDPR Cookie Notification Banner

In compliance with GDPR, we've added a banner to notify users of Exceed's use of cookies and how they may opt in or out of sharing cookies in Exceed. The banner features a link to our privacy policy for more information. Closing the banner equates to acceptance of our use of cookies.

HTML Displaying in Catalog Search Results

We've fixed an issue that was causing HTML tags used in an activity to display in the preview of an activity seen when a learner searched the catalog. Now, activity previews in search results reflect the formatted content within the activity as opposed to the HTML.

April 29

-No Results- message added to Report Page

Reports that return no results when run now include a No results message in the results area of the Report page, as seen in the image bel

-Enrollment Expires On- Dynamic Variable for Letters

We've added the Enrollment Expires On date to the dynamic variables available for your use in creating custom Letters for learners. You can now use the dynamic variable @enrollment_expires_on@ in your letters, and ad-hoc letters, to notify learners of the date their activity enrollment will expire.

Fixes & Notifications

Assessments Completed on Enrollment Review

We fixed an issue that was causing an assessment to be submitted, completed and passed in the platform if an admin launched the assessment in learner-view, switched to admin-view to review their enrollment using the View Assessment button (Assessment>Enrollments>User>Show>View Assessment), and returned to learner-view to relaunch the assessment.

Now, the assessment is not submitted, and the View Assessment button is not available for the enrollment until the user has completed and submitted the assessment.

April 15

Update to Organization Colors

Previously, if you set a custom Header Text & Icon Color within Organization Colors (Account Settings > Organizations > Look & Feel), you were required to also set a Header Color before your text & icon color setting would take effect.

Header Text & Icon Color can now be set independently of Header Color.

April 8

We've Updated the Design in Exceed

We've updated the design in Exceed by slimming down the header, sidebar navigation, and search bar throughout the platform. We also carried the design change over to the headers within activities. You'll see these changes reflected on both the learner and admin side.

Hide Collection & Path Activities in Search Results

We've added a powerful new option to help improve search results for learners.

When learners search for a path or activity, results include both the individual activity as well as the activity if included in a Collection or a Path - as seen below:

Search results for "Demographic", including activities within Collections and Paths

Collections and Paths now feature a Deep Search option in Properties.

Deep Search option in Collection Properties
Deep Search option in Path Properties

When enabled, Deep Search hides the activities included in your Collection/Path from appearing in search results - within the context of your Collection or Path.

Below are the search results with Deep Search enabled for both the Collection and Path these activities can be found within:

Search results for "Demographic", with Deep Search enabled - Collection and Path results removed

Performance Improvements for Larger Reports

Previously, if you ran a report that generated a large amount of data, you may have run into the following message:

We've implemented a few improvements to reports, including processing them in the background. This will lead to faster reports with large amounts of data, and a very small chance you'll ever see the "Report results could not be displayed..." message.

Updates to Reports Exporting and User Experience

Along with improvements in reporting reliability, we've also updated the Reports page to give you immediate access to export options and direct control of previewing report results.

You can now Export a report without waiting for it to complete running in the platform. Meaning, alongside the performance improvements in running larger reports, you now have immediate access to the export options for every report.

Reports now gives you immediate access to Export options

Reports now feature a Run Preview button. This option eliminates the initial wait for an auto-preview of results whenever accessing reports or updating your query, filters, or columns in a report. Use Run Preview to update your preview results - when you need to - while editing a report or working with saved reports

The Run Preview button now on the Reports page

Fixes & Notifications

Session Completed On Data & Time Zones

We've fixed an issue that caused admin working in different time zones to see different Completed On dates when reviewing enrollments - this issue was caused by completion times/time zones not being recorded on completions processed by admins.

Alongside the date, admin can now review, define, and edit the time and timezone for completed enrollments (passed/failed) in the platform. When reviewing the Completed dates of enrollments, you'll now find the time of completion listed - converted to your timezone.

Completed enrollments with defined time and time zone (converted to admin's time zone)

You now have the ability to define the date, time, and time zone when manually completing enrollments or editing completed enrollments. Click on the linked time now found next to the Date field on enrollment forms to access and edit the time and time zone fields for the enrollment.

Click on the linked time/time zone to edit the information
Select a time and time zone for the completed enrollment