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January 2024 | Product Updates

Intellum Product Updates


Check out the latest on what’s new, updated, and coming soon across Intellum’s customer, partner, and employee education solutions.

This month, set better expectations for your users with Learning Objectives on Paths and Activities and learn to build meaningful reports that measure your educational outcome

Available Now



Help learners approach new content and concepts and set expectations for measurable outcomes.

Learning Objectives on Paths and Activities let you connect learner engagement to concrete goals, enhancing both motivation and the effectiveness of the learning experience.

Coming Soon



Automatically generate meaningful Learning Objectives for Paths and Activities with a click.

Please contact your Strategic Relationship Manager to learn more.

Product Training



Montor every learning milestone and report every result with the Intellum Platform’s powerful out-of-the-box reporting.

Updated in-depth Reporting Guides explain all the Platform activity you can measure and every data point you can pull to help you build custom reports that prove program success.

Powerful, Built-In Reporting Capabilities

  • Analytics for every Platform activity

  • Preset and custom reports for easy access to key metrics

  • Quick filters for custom reporting in a flash

Upcoming Live Workshops

Join us for live sessions focused on helping you and your team deliver best-in-class learning experiences as well as accomplish your day-to-day tasks inside the Intellum Platform and Evolve, with detailed guidance, best practices, and actionable tips!

On-Demand Training

Can’t make a live session? Our On-Demand Training is ready when you are!

Intellum Platform - Develop, create, and measure exceptional learning programs like a pro:

  • Admin Essentials

  • Audience Management

  • Content Development

  • Content Delivery & Marketing

  • Reporting & Data

  • Intellum Insights

  • Gamification

Intellum Evolve - Level up your content authoring skills:

  • Evolve Essentials: Capabilities, learning the interface, and building content

  • Evolve 101: Basic content creation, management, and publishing

  • Evolve 102: Components, media management, and themes