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October 2023 | Product Updates

Intellum Product Updates


Check out the latest on what’s new, updated, and coming soon across Intellum’s customer, partner, and employee education solutions.

This month, ensure your learners’ content is always up to date everywhere they need it with Evolve Cloud Sync and check out new Intellum Platform improvements, including learning progress indicators and email verification for learner registrations.

Available Now



Scale your education initiatives like never before with an advanced content-authoring tool and learning management system that are made for each other.

Cloud Sync, exclusive to Evolve and the Intellum Platform, ensures your learners’ content is always up to date everywhere they need it, so you’ll never waste time switching from tool to tool, chasing edits and versions, and struggling to keep things current.

Maximize Your Creativity
Focus on crafting exceptional courses while your work syncs seamlessly in the background. Now every course you create is automatically in the Evolve Cloud.

Elevate Your Strategy
Never chase content again. Easily keep your education initiatives relevant, with quick access to every Evolve Cloud course and at-a-glance content status indicators, so you spend more time improving your learners’ experience and outcomes.

Keep Everything Up To Date, Everywhere
Sync content seamlessly across multiple activities and even multiple Intellum Platform instances — without ever touching a zip file.



At-a-glance "In Progress" tooltips and icons now indicate content that learners have started but not completed within Learning Paths and Collections.

Please contact your Strategic Relationship Manager to learn more.


Admins can now require users to verify their emails upon Intellum Platform registration.

To enable, go to:
Admin Portal → Organizations → Login, Registrations, & Profile → Email Verification

Please contact your Strategic Relationship Manager to learn more.

Product Training



Set a strong foundation for creating content and managing your learners. In this training series, you’ll build learning content with the Intellum team—learning foundational platform features like setting up your site, creating learning paths, and setting up user groups.

Complete all three trainings, on-demand or live, as well as a project to earn an Intellum Admin Essentials Certificate and Platform Credential!

  • Intellum Site Essentials

  • Content Development Essentials

  • Audience Management Essentials



Level 3 of our popular Learn Evolve online course is now available, covering Evolve’s more advanced capabilities to help you create engaging, unique courses:

  • Assessment and Attainment

  • Logic

  • Course Publishing and Management

  • Creating Unique and Engaging Content

Complete the course to earn your Learn Evolve Level 3 Credential and Gold Badge.

Visit the Evolve Hub to access Learn Evolve Levels 1-3 and other Evolve resources.

Upcoming Live Workshops

Join us for live sessions focused on helping you and your team deliver best-in-class learning experiences as well as accomplish your day-to-day tasks inside the Intellum Platform and Evolve, with detailed guidance, best practices, and actionable tips!

Upcoming Staging Refresh

The Intellum Platform will conduct a staging refresh on Monday, December 18, 2023. You can expect a system downtime of approximately 120 minutes.

Staging Refresh Reminders:

  • This will be a full wipe of Staging and the data will be replaced with Production data.

  • There is no Production site downtime.