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November 2020 | Product Updates

Intellum Product Updates


Week of Monday, December 14

Intellum v44.24.0

  • Fixed issue where admin permissions were not copied over in certain states of versioning.

  • Fixed issue where restricted admins were receiving ‘broken link’ notifications in admin view

Tribe v1.36.0

  • Improved performance of Tribe notification jobs for bigger Tribe groups.

  • Fixed issue where some link previews were not directing to the correct URL.

Evolve v8.2.1

  • Extensions – Focus order on extension pages has been improved.

  • Menus – Focus order on menus has been improved.

  • Text Editor – Links added using the text editor now break onto a new line without breaking words.

Week of Monday, December 7

Intellum v44.22.0

  • Added the ability to access versions of activities in APIv3 if versioning is enabled on the account.

  • Fixed an issue where grouping by Topic Tags Category Id in a report displayed an error.

  • Fixed an issue where auto groups were not respecting date filters.

  • Fixed an issue where users could view hidden recurring enrollments via previously completed activities.

  • Fixed an issue where facilitators were unable to grade an assessment.

  • Fixed an issue where inactive fields were on the user’s Edit Profile page.

  • Fixed an issue where Restricted Admin were unable to view report data.

Tribe v1.35.0

  • Cleared a security vulnerability related to link previews.

Evolve v8.2

  • Managed by Exceed Update – It is now possible to set an Evolve course as “Managed by Exceed” directly from Evolve, along with the ability to sync changes from Evolve (as well as Exceed). Please see this link for more information

  • Hotgraphic Component – Closing the hotgraphic popup should now return the user to the correct position on the page on iOS devices.

  • Dialog Component – Fixed issue where the next button doesn’t display once the component is completed and then revisited.

  • Video Stream Component – Brightcove videos should now always load on IE11.

  • Audio Component – Opening the transcript should now also complete the component when using “play” or “ended” as the completion method.

  • Glossary Extension – Glossary items now use button elements and have the correct roles set.

  • Dialogs – Fixed issue where the dialog content would be read twice by a screen reader.

  • Hamburger Menu – When the hamburger menu side panel is collapsed the panel elements should no longer be able to receive screen reader focus.

  • Footer Navigation – Line breaks are now automatically removed from the footer labels when using the page display title.

  • Course Focus Outline – Fixed issue where the outline would not appear around button elements in Firefox.

  • RTL Mode

    • Articles – Article titles now align to the right when the Article Title Display Style setting in the theme is set to Inline Block.
    • MCQ Component – Item text now aligns to the right when the course is in RTL mode.

Week of Monday, November 30

Intellum v44.21.1

  • Added the ability to create recommended auto enrollments.

  • Added an enrollment reason field to auto enrollments.

  • Added the ability to filter assessment reports by individual assessment sections.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking the account logo was not redirecting users back to the account home page.

  • Added the ability to restrict home rows by authenticated, public or all users.

  • Fixed an issue where the page outline section was overlapping with the hero image.

  • Fixed an issue where calls to the translation API endpoint could fail.

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to add an external credit.

  • Fixed an issue where a user could accidentally leave a webinar session while using the Safe Exam Browser.

  • Fixed a versioning issue where occasionally you would see a 404 page after publishing.

  • Fixed an issue where banner rows on mobile could look smaller than others.

  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to delete the last letter trigger on an activity.

Tribe v1.34.0 (12/1/20)

  • Fixed issue where member access changes were not saving correctly in Groups.

  • Fixed UI issue where LinkedIn logo was not displaying correctly in profile modal.

  • Fixed issue where reactions were being removed from a chat after the chat was edited.

Evolve 8.1.5

  • Simulation Component – Simulation action bar button styles are now no longer being overridden by article style button element styles.
  • GMCQ Component – Fixed issue where the hidden item checkbox is being picked up by screen readers.
  • Drag and Drop Component – Fixed issue where the draggable item is missing it’s image once dropped into a zone.
  • Flip Card Component – Flip card back text should now be read by NVDA when card is flipped.
  • Narrative component – Fixed issue where the item text appears cut off when a narrative has an animation (block component animation set in the page builder) or when using a logic trigger show action.
  • Links Component – Fixed issue where spacing was missing between items.
  • Logic
    • Fixed issue where sometimes the “Page Loaded” Logic event would not run.
    • When a trigger is using the Variables Changed event and all condition variables change to the correct value at same time, the trigger is no longer activated multiple times.
  • Feedback Dialog – Fixed issue where focus is reset to the top of the page if the feedback button is hidden when the feedback dialog is closed.
  • Inline Feedback – When the inline feedback is first displayed, the text content is now focused instead of the entire feedback element. This should help avoid the feedback being read out twice when using screen reader navigation controls.
  • Comments – The comments button for block should now display in live preview.
  • Text Editor – Links with long URLs were now break onto a new line.

Week of Monday, November 23

Tribe v1.33.0

  • Fixed intermittent issue that caused an error upon clicking on the app switcher.

  • Sunsetted Think Tank Tribe group.

Evolve 8.1.4

  • Infographic Component – Fixed issue where all items were being set to hidden when re-publishing a course with existing tracking data on Exceed and Bloom.

Evolve 8.1.3

  • Video Stream Component – Fixed an issue where the Brightcove player was not setting the component to complete on play or when the video ended on iOS devices.
  • Dialog Component – When revisiting a page, the dialog items should display one at a time instead of all at the same time.
  • Feedback Navigation – Improved scrolling behaviour when navigating to content on the same page.
  • Infographic Component – Fixed issue where item visibility was not persisted between sessions on Exceed and Bloom.

Week of Monday, November 16

Intellum v44.21.0

  • Fixed an issue where broken images were preventing activities from being duplicated.

  • Fixed an issue where date dynamic variables were not populating in letters for users who were enrolled manually.

  • Fixed an issue where editing recurring events unintentionally added additional dates to the event schedule

  • Fixed an issue where topic restrictions were not respected when viewing all content in a live and upcoming row on the catalog homepage.

Tribe v1.32.0

  • Fixed issue that caused chat room messages to not update correctly when a new member joined.

Evolve v8.1.2

  • Game Component – Fixed an issue in True/False questions where the Hint functionality was removing False answers that were marked as correct.

  • Focus Outline – Fixed IE11 issue where the Focus Outline was appearing as dotted on certain elements.

  • Infographic Component – Completion Method refined to resolve issues occurring when using Logic Triggers.

  • Article Styles – Fixed issue where icon’s disabled state color in Article Styles was being overridden by Component Item style.

  • Media Carousel Component – Fixed playback issue with media/streamed media when Component navigated at speed.

  • Select Component – Button can now not be operated until a selection has been made.

  • Theme Editor – Decimal point values can now be entered in Line Height.

  • Simulation Component – Fixed issue where the page was scrolling straight to Simulation on page entry.

  • Narrative Component – Fixed issue in tablet view where the next slide would not auto-scroll to the top of the content.

  • Media Playing in IE11 – Fixed issue regarding audio in streamed Brightcove media content.

Week of Monday, November 9

Intellum v44.20.0

  • Fixed issue where cover art for Zoom events was missing when added to a page.

  • Added the ‘Job Title’ property to API V3.

  • Fixed issue where parents of other topics were returning when the topic locale dropdown was called via API V3.

  • Fixed issue where the API V3 courses list was timing out when called.

  • Various security enhancements.

Tribe v1.31.0

  • Improved data synchronization within Tribe to provide a better user experience.

  • Enhanced security of uploaded files.

Evolve v8.1.1

  • Text and Graphic Component – Fixed color pickers in the appearance section not working correctly.
  • Interactive Video Component – Fixed completion dialog missing icon.
  • Matching Component – Fixed focus outline appearance.
  • Hotgraphic Component – Fixed tooltip items showing unnecessary scroll bars.
  • Media Grid Component – Item titles are now rendered as headings.
  • Theme – Fixed issue where non-numerical values could be entered into various fields.
  • Logic – Fixed dialog title and body text not appearing in logic dialogs that use audio media.
  • SCORM – Added new option in ‘Advanced’ publish settings that allows setting the learner name format.

Week of Monday, November 2

Intellum v44.19.0

  • Learner Self Registration - Fixed an issue where some learners were not able to self-register.
  • Home Row Navigation & Scrolling - Improved user experience in home row ‘view all’ link, scrolling, and spacing.

  • Security Vulnerability Fix

Tribe v1.30.0

There are no updates this week.

Evolve v8.1

  • Card Drop Component – A new question component that allows learners to answer a question by placing labeled cards into different drop zones.
  • Checkbox Group Component – This new component is designed to work with the Logic features in Evolve. Each option can save its checked state to Variable.
  • Hotgraphic Component – Hotspot colors can now be set directly in the component.
  • Tabs Component – Added a new option in the component’s appearance section which allows users to control if tab item text should be truncated or not.
  • Simulation Component – Now has a new behavior option that allows the component to display scroll bars that overlay the Simulation window. These new scroll bars also hide if the screen image matches the window size.
  • Translations – Tooltips added using the text editor are now translatable.