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February 2021 | Product Updates

Intellum Product Updates


Week of Monday, February 22

Intellum v44.31.0

  • Resolved an issue where managers of users could not see their direct report’s topics.
  • Fixed issue where dropping a Path enrollment unlocked parts of the path when a user revisited it.


No release this week


No release this week

Week of Monday, February 15

Intellum v44.30.1

  • Fixed an issue where Restricted Admin user could see all content when adding content to Paths

  • Fixed an issue where editing content in versioning caused an error

  • Fixed an issue where admin received an error when merging user profiles

  • Fixed an issuer where users could not ‘Mark As Complete’ when an activity was within a Path

  • Various updates to make the student view more accessible


No release this week

Evolve v8.2.8

  • Added functionality to the Simulation component to allow pasting of screens from one course to another

  • Fixed issue with xAPI course completion not working outside of Logic completion

  • Fixed issue with Logic Triggers enabling/disabling across multiple sessions when published to SCORM and Exceed

  • Fixed issue with Live Preview not loading from a review link in a generated email

  • Fixed issue with re-ordering of pages not being reflected in Course Navigation correctly

Week of Monday, February 8

Intellum v44.30.0

  • Added the ability to display hero images on the home page in a carousel

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when publishing a version of an activity that contains a video


No Tribe release this week.

Evolve v8.2.7

  • Fixed Tabs component issue to ensure visited tab headers correctly display hover color

  • Fixed Theme setting for Menu Control Icon Color to correctly display disabled color

  • Fixed issue concerning xAPI working in conjunction with Logic triggers to set course completion

  • Fixed issue to ensure Article Indicator extension scrolling to Article level instead of Component level

  • Fixed Logic issue to ensure Reset Components action working correctly