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April 2023 | Product Updates

Intellum Product Update



Platform v16.8: Reputation-Based Gamification - Available Now!

Reputation-Based Gamification is available now!

Encourage learners to challenge themselves, grow their skill set, boost their reputation, and master new topics with new and improved game mechanics available directly in the Intellum Platform.

  • Skills-based learning and Reputation accumulation, for peer recognition of core competencies.

  • Credentials acquisition, for subject-matter achievement and topic mastery.

  • Timed Challenges with Leaderboards and Peer Activity Feeds, to drive engagement.

  • Rewards store support, for physical and digital prize redemption.

  • Learner-competency tracking and reporting, with self-service admin settings.

Check out Platform v16.8: Reputation-Based Gamification to learn more and get started on your gamified learning strategy today!

Your Top 5 Product Questions – Answered!

1. Is there a way to give my team permission to work on content without giving them full administrator privileges?

Absolutely! You can make certain team members restricted admins, allowing them to create and manage content without having the same level of authority as unrestricted admins.

2. How do I create and manage reports?

Creating and managing reports on Intellum learner and content activity is simple — head to “Reporting” in the Admin Portal, then click ‘+’ and choose “New Report.”

Then, choose the Report Type you wish to create and use the powerful Query Builder to add additional data columns, row summaries, and more. Then, you can:

  • Subscribe

  • Edit property settings

  • Edit admin permissions

3. We’re using the platform to host more events. What are best practices for increasing registration?

We provide a plethora of ways to increase and track learner engagement:

  • Highlight events on the Homepage for all users or specific groups.

  • Use in-platform reminder Letters to build momentum prior to events.

  • Use Action Links in promo activities to track the source of learner registrations.

PRO TIP: Use Letter Trigger Workflows to set up multi-touch communications and reminders for events, courses, and more.

4. How do I make sure my Intellum Platform systems integrations are working and healthy?

Go to Settings → Apps within the Admin Portal to see a full list of all your Intellum integrations.

If an integration isn’t working correctly, helper text will show under the tool that’s disrupted.

5. My team and I want more tactical how-to’s, product information, and updates – where should we go?

The Intellum Client Experience is your home base, with carefully crafted documentation, on-demand video training, and how-to guides for all things Intellum Platform and Evolve!

To access, head to your Profile menu within the Admin Portal and click “Help.”

Be sure to bookmark it for your future platform or content-authoring needs!

Amplify Your Learning Goals with Gamification

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