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September/October 2022 | Product Updates

Intellum Product Updates


Updates Summary


  • Page Editor: Streamlined Authoring
  • Inactive Course Redirects
  • Assessments: Content Duplication & Honorlock Self-Service
  • Reporting: Updated UI, Search, & Data Optimization
  • Framework Builder: Updated UI


  • Centralized Admin Settings


Page Editor: Streamlined Authoring

See your content come to life faster and in real-time!

The all-new Page Editor experience makes creating, previewing and updating content faster and easier than ever.

Add or remove components anywhere on the page.
Add or remove components anywhere on the page.
Drag and drop every component, Text included!
Preview added links, files, and videos directly in page
Edit component properties, inline

Pro Tip - Quickly add a new Text component
Hit ‘Enter’ twice at the beginning or end of an existing Text component to add a new one before or after.
Hit ‘Enter’ twice mid-text to add a new empty Text component at that point, pushing the remaining text to a new component after that.

Inactive Course Redirects

Say goodbye to 404 Error messages in active learning flows!

With Inactive Course Redirects, you can maintain course integrity and avoid learner disruption by assigning new URLs to replace deprecated content, manually or in bulk via API.

Inactive Course Redirects can be applied in the Properties of any of the following:

  • Collections
  • Paths

  • Pages

  • Courses

Assessments: Content Duplication & Honorlock Self-Service

Content Duplication
Reuse existing content and create assessments at scale with easy questions and sections duplication.

Duplicate Sections
Duplicate Questions

Self-Service Honorlock Integration & Automated Assessment Creation
Eliminate redundant efforts and accelerate assessment creation for your high-stakes programs and certifications!

You can now connect your Honorlock instance to Intellum, and when you do your Intellum-built assessments will automatically be created within Honorlock.

  • Connect through the Admin Panel.

  • Build once! Assessments built in Intellum will now auto-create in Honorlock.

  • Ensure your assessments are properly proctored without extra work.

To enable it, add your Honorlock API Key and URL in Admin Panel -> Apps.

Pro Tip - API Keys expire annually
Your API key expiration date is now visible directly under the key field. When the date turns red, it's time to request a new one!

Reporting: Updated UI, Search, & Data Optimization

Better track, measure and scale your education initiatives with improved reporting capabilities.

Optimized Reporting Data
We’ve optimized how data is pulled for reports, meaning:

  • Faster report generation
  • More robust data sets

  • Data updated hourly

  • A more flexible data structure

  • Ability to capture data directly from our data warehouse

Search Bar
Quickly find the reports you need, when you need them.

Clean, Organized Interface
Build and manage reports more efficiently with expandable folder organization and report count indicators.

Framework > Initiative Builder: Updated UI

Framework Builder now has a modernized user interface, and can now be found under ‘Initiatives’ (previously labeled ‘Framework’) in the Admin Panel.


Centralized Admin Settings

Intellum Social admin settings are now available through the Admin Panel, allowing you to manage your learners’ entire Intellum experience in one place!

Settings include:

  • Dedicated Social notifications settings

  • Centralized Community Topics management

  • NEW! User access settings across Chat, Groups, and Community

To take advantage of this update and maintain learner access to Social, you’ll need to add Social to your main Intellum Platform navigation, replacing access through the app switcher, if you haven’t already:

  1. Go to Admin Panel > Settings > Choose a Branding Org.
    • If you only have one branding org, it may be labeled as 'default.'
  2. Access the Navigation Settings section.
  3. Click the ‘Add Navigation Item’ button.
  4. Add your desired Social items: Chat, Groups, or Community.
    • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each Social item you’d like to enable.

What’s Coming?

  • Assessments UI Update

  • New Locales

  • Community Moderation