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August 2022 | Product Updates

Intellum Product Updates


Platform Enhancements Shipped:

  • Unified Search
    • See "Unified Search" - Client Launch" and "Adding Social Nav Items" on the Roadmap
  • E-Commerce 2.0 is LIVE!

    • See "E-Commerce 2.0: Phase 4" on the Roadmap
  • Up Next: Insights Module

  • We’ve Released New Research

The goal is to give learners a single destination for accessing and consuming everything educational in nature. But as we broaden the definition of "educational in nature" and introduce new experiences, we have to make sure that every learner can find the exact thing they are searching for at the moment they need it most.

Results from Intellum Social are now on the righthand side of search.

The solution is Unified Search! The platform now presents posts from Social Groups and Community alongside traditional search results like courses and events to ensure that learners see the bigger picture.

And to make sure search is delivering the best possible search results, we are also introducing AI-driven personalized recommendations right underneath the search bar. Now that’s futuristic!

The search update includes:

  • A clean and cohesive architecture and user interface to unify the global search experience for the learners

  • A streamlined process for admins to customize filters using tags on the search results page

  • An enhanced recommendation experience in search

  • Search results that now map to Content, Events, Community, and Groups

E-Commerce 2.0 Is LIVE!

For-profit education initiatives require serious e-commerce support. Intellum has always offered clients the ability to set a price for an individual activity, event, or certification, and in 2018 we introduced support for more modern subscription models. But our initial approach to e-commerce was intentionally minimalistic.

Intellum E-commerce as a powerful and flexible add-on for monetizing courses.

Over the last several years, it has become apparent that our for-profit education clients need a more sophisticated, robust e-commerce solution. We answered the call by building an all-new e-commerce offering from the ground up that is now capable of supporting the most complicated scenarios. Intellum’s e-commerce 2.0 is powered by Spree Commerce, a flexible, secure open-source, headless e-commerce platform that many businesses and recognized brands utilize.

E-Commerce 2.0 is engineered specifically for clients who are exploring:

  • High-stakes certifications

  • Training credits

  • Subscription models

  • Paid training

The functionality at a glance:

  • Easily create purchasable activities, courses, paths, and collections within the Intellum Platform

  • Set accessibility rules for purchased content (example: a course is only available for consumption 10 days post-purchase)

  • Introduce self-service training credits, and credit redemption approval flows

  • Introduce and support discount codes and promotional offerings

  • Support complex pricing and multi-currency scenarios

  • Manage complicated tax scenarios

  • Support FIFO (First in First Out) revenue recognition….. And much more!

Up Next:

Insights Module

Intellum has supported large brands and fast-moving companies for more than 20 years.

We have boiled down all of that history, experimentation, and best practice into a scientific methodology that anyone can follow to create successful education initiatives.

And this year, we have secretly been building all of that history,
experimentation, and best practice back into the tool.

Next month we will introduce a game-changing approach to data and insights that are light years beyond tracking individual activity and path enrollments and completions.

Insights module will offer you the ability to automatically structure, visualize (think dashboards), and report on the engagement, efficacy, and performance of broader education initiatives like certification, onboarding, or enablement that move the company needle.


We’ve Released New Data & Research!

A successful education initiative requires more than just amazing education technology (ahem!). At Intellum, we are big fans of learning science (you’ve got to sign up for Learning Science Weekly), data, and research - and we’ve just dropped another industry study.

This time we surveyed more than 500 education initiative decision makers to get to the ins and outs of customer, partner, and employee learning ROI.

This study is full of data and insights you can use to support and grow your own initiatives. Get your hands on it HERE.