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June 2022 | Product Updates

Intellum Product Updates


Platform Enhancements Shipped:

  • Evolve v10
    • See “New Evolve UI” on the Roadmap

Evolve v10 Is here!

Evolve is the go-to authoring tool for learning professionals, content creators, and instructional designers who want to scale the creation of highly-interactive and branded learning experiences.

The Quick Preview function in Evolve v10

In an industry first, content authored in Evolve and deployed on the Intellum platform plays inline in the system. This keeps your learners in the flow state, and learners complete inline Evolve content a whopping 90.3% of the time.

With all of the interactivity and tracking, minus all the user experience and reporting issues associated with SCORM, Evolve allows you to have your cake and eat it, too.

This launch is BIG and introduces a more intuitive Evolve UI and UX that streamlines the building, previewing, publishing, and content management processes so you can create great content faster, and more efficiently.

In fact, this launch is SO EXCITING we built an entire learning path to get you up to speed as quickly as possible (so meta).

Learn more about Evolve v10 here.

Make sure you check out the following key updates:

  • More intuitive courses list
  • Assets, Reviews, Tags, and Templates refresh
  • Streamlined Course + Page Builder
  • Quick Preview with real-time updates
  • Hover actions within the Course editor

We welcome your feedback on Evolve v10 and invite you to share your thoughts in this brief survey!

Up Next:


Both Learning Science research and our own 22 years of industry experience have proven that social learning can improve user engagement, efficacy, and outcomes when executed correctly. As we continue to make progress against the 2022 roadmap, social experiences will become one of the four main pillars of the platform (alongside Courses, Articles, and Video). We are really excited to announce an all-new edition to the Intellum Social offering soon–Community.

We’ll dig into Community in next month’s update, but for now, imagine an experience like Quora or Stack Overflow that’s dedicated to both your learning community and your learners. This is “just-in-time” learning done right and will make a big impact on our clients’ ability to impact broader business objectives through learning. Let’s get social!

Intellum Named LMS of the Year!

We are psyched to share that Intellum was named Learning Management System of the Year by EdTech Breakthrough! While the Intellum platform is evolving quickly beyond the traditional LMS and LXP, this award highlights the platform’s modern approach to learning. “We’d like to thank the academy…”