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April 2021 | Product Updates

Intellum Product Updates


Week of Monday, April 26

Intellum v44.40.0

  • Topics: Fixed an issue where the scroll bar in the topics menu was not displaying correctly.

  • Pages: Fixed an issue where some link components were breaking when added above a text component,


No Tribe release notes this week.


No Evolve release notes this week.

Week of Monday, April 19

Intellum v44.37.2

  • Activities: Fixed an issue where users were able to request access to the content that they did not complete the prerequisite for.

  • Assessment: Fixed an issue where some file uploads prompted incorrect assessment messaging.


No Tribe release notes this week.

Evolve v8.2.16 & v 8.2.17

  • Action Button Component – Fixed issue with the Exit Exceed Course button action not working sometimes.

  • Publish – Fixed an issue where courses over a certain size failed to publish to Bloom.

Week of Monday, April 12

Intellum v44.37.1

  • Catalog Home - Fixed an issue where banner rows with a description were throwing errors for some users.

  • Search - Fixed an issue where some items that were hidden from search were still showing up in search results.


No Tribe release notes this week.

Evolve v8.2.15

  • Interactive Video Component – When the continue button is clicked after an incorrect video is shown, the previous video should now play without the options already overlaid.

  • Reviews – Summary feedback should now keep line breaks intact.

Week of Monday, April 5

Intellum v44.37.0

  • Sessions: Fixed an issue where some admin were unable to add facilitators to sessions.

  • Restricted Admins: Fixed an issue where restricted admins were able to send letters to users who they were not permitted to manage.

  • Assessments: Fixed an issue where checkboxes were not displaying for users when in print mode.


No Tribe release notes this week.

Evolve v8.2.14

  • Hotgraphic Component – When using the tooltip setting, the tooltip should now close when clicking on the hotgraphic image.
  • Media Component – Video with a square aspect ratio should no longer get cropped vertically when in full screen.
  • Infographic Component – Tooltips should now display the component item border set in the theme.
  • Text Reveal Component – Fixed issue where the left border would use the wrong color when using an article style.
  • Text and Graphic Component – When using the graphic text setting, links added into the text editor should now work again.
  • Bookmarking Extension – When resuming a course where the last completed component by the user is no longer present, clicking on the continue button in the bookmarking dialog should no longer cause an error.
  • Publish – Pasting an old accordion component should now not cause a course to not publish when using Managed by Exceed.