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Wednesday, Aug 18, 2021

Sam Cook (Senior Quality Assurance Engineer) and Helen Bailey (Evolve LXD) talk about accessibility in the context of content made using Evolve. Is Evolve fully accessible? How do you make sure any content you add to your courses remains accessible and how can you check?

We also take a look at some myths surrounding accessibility and share some resources that will help you with this topic.

Event Recording

Sadly, the event recording is no longer available.

Event Slides

Here are some of the helpful resources we mentioned during the webinar and added since.

Evolve Knowledge Base Articles
WCAG and Evolve
Accessibility Guide: Working with Evolve

Susi Miller - Industry Expert
Website   |  Book  |  eLearning Myths and Tips talk

Alex Chen - Designer specializing in Accessibility
Website  |  Understanding WCAG2.1  |  Accessible Typography Guide

Alt Text techniques


General Accessibility articles
Colour blindness
Screen Reader Shortcuts and Gestures

_Underscore Accessibility webinar
Intelllum blog