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Live Events
  • Notifications

    This article gives an overview of Notification card types available in the platform and takes a look at the Notifications experience from your users' perspective.

    • Duration 5m
    • Rating 4.8
    • Advanced
  • Letters: Overview

    This article provides examples for communicating with letters and gives an overview of the ways letters are sent in the platform.

    • Duration 5m
    • Advanced
  • Send an Ad-Hoc Letter

    This article walks you sending an ad-hoc letter from a user list in the platform.

    • Duration 5m
    • Advanced
  • Access & Create Letter Templates

    This article walks you through accessing and managing existing letter templates, guides you in adding a new letter template to the platform, and introduces dynamic variables.

    • Duration 5m
    • Advanced
  • Letter Log History & Reports

    This article walks you through accessing a learner's Letter log history and follows up with information on running the a Letter Log report in the platform.

    • Duration 5m
    • Rating 5.0
    • Advanced
  • Communicate with Learners

    The content in this path introduces the types of platform communication, walks you through the process of creating or enabling each type, and follows up with resources for managing and tracking platform communications.

    • Path