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High learner engagement is one indicator of successful content. With Social Chat and Groups available in page activities, you have the ability to foster learner interactions directly within your content.

In this article, we’ll cover how you can enable Social Chat on events and Social Groups in page activities. We’ll also walk you through the functionality of both features.

Enable Social Chat on Events

For an event, you may want to create the space for social interactions between your learners, which is possibly by embedded Social Chat in your event pages.

Heads Up!

Social needs to be turned on for your account in order to enable Social Chat on events.

To enable Social Chat on events, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new event or navigate to an existing event within the Events tab in your admin dashboard.

  2. Click Properties and scroll to Social.

  3. Click Chat Enabled.

  4. Click Save Changes.

Things to Note:

  • A separate chat group is automatically created for every event with Social Chat enabled.

  • Please note that the event group chat will only be available to members once a participant has at least sent one message.

  • When a learner is enrolled in an event, they will appear as a member within the group chat after they have sent their first message.

Learner Experience

When a learner navigates to your event page, they will see the chat icon located at the lower right-hand corner of their screen.

Click the chat icon to open up the chat; learners can react to other messages and edit their own messages by clicking any of the icons listed above their messages.

To view the group chat directly within Social, learners can click the arrow icon at the top of the chat box.

Add Social Groups to Page Activities

Direct learners to Social groups with ease by inserting the group invite link directly into your page activity. Follow the steps below to achieve this:

  1. Navigate to the Content tab of your admin dashboard.
  2. Create a new page activity or open an existing page activity.
  3. Click the Add Component icon > Link component.
  4. Paste the invitation link to the group you would like learners to join.

Heads Up!

Ensure that the group type you are copying the invitation link from is an Invitation Only group.

Learners will then be able to join the group directly from your content.

To remove the linked group, select the embed group and click “delete” or “return” on your keyboard.

Learner Experience

When a learner navigates to your page activity, they will be able to access the group by clicking Join Now .

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