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This article gives an overview of the user enrollment sync option available through the Marketo integration.

Intellum to Marketo Enrollment Sync

The Intellum to Marketo enrollment sync sends Intellum user enrollments to Marketo as they are created or updated in the Intellum platform. Marketo will either update existing enrollments or create new enrollments, based on the sync fields selected for the enrollments.

Enable the Intellum to Marketo Enrollment Sync

  1. Navigate to the Marketo integration on the Apps tab in account Settings.
  2. Click Edit Connection Settings.
  3. Scroll to find the Intellum to Marketo Enrollment Sync.
  4. Click On to enable the sync option.

Selected sync fields are added to a custom object in Marketo and connected to Marketo leads based on theĀ Link Field set up on your integration.

Add Enrollment Fields to Sync

  1. Select the appropriate field from the Fields to Sync dropdown.
  2. Click Add Field Mapping - as needed.
  3. Click Save when you are done adding field mappings for the integration.

When enabled, the Intellum platform will display the date and time of the next sync.

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