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Adaptive assessments are designed to allow learners to prove mastery of content, while also recommending content for follow up when a learner falls short of a mastery score.

This article walks you through the leaner experience with adaptive assessments.

Assessment start

Learners are given instructions related to the assessment and are linked to an overview of the question sections included in the assessment.

The learner clicks Start to begin their first attempt.

Assessment attempts

Learners progresses through assessment sections by answering questions to the best of their ability. The learner must answer enough questions correctly within a section to exceed the mastery score for that section.

When a learner exceeds the mastery score set for a section, those questions are removed from future attempts of the assessment. If a learner fails to meet the mastery score for a section, that section - and its questions - are included in the learner's next attempt.

The results page of an adaptive assessment after a learner attempt

If a learner fails to pass an adaptive assessment, they are given the opportunity to review their response details, close the assessment, start a new attempt of the assessment, or follow up with recommended or required activities.

Results page showing Section Results alongside the learner's responses.

The response details page includes a scoring breakdown that highlights the questions sections the learner completed, and the number of points earned across all sections.

Each new attempt of an adaptive assessment begins with a review of the progress the learner has made toward completing the assessment - including a review of section results.

A learner begins a new attempt of an adaptive assessment.

Assessment Actions

If you've added an assessment action to trigger based on how a learner scores in a question section, learners will find the activities you've recommended or required for follow up in one of two places:

  • Plan page
  • Recommendations and Requirements section

Plan page

By default, the learning activities you have set up for recommended or required follow up are added to the a learner's Plan page when they fail to score within the range defined by your assessment action - as seen below:

An activity being added to a learner's Plan via an assessment action.

Recommendations and Requirements sections

Use the Recommendations and Requirements setting in Assessment properties to include the content on the assessment results page - as seen below:

A recommended activity on the assessment results page based on an assessment action.

Assessment completion

Adaptive assessments are complete when a learner exceeds the mastery score of each question section in the assessment. Learners can follow up by reviewing their responses or closing the assessment.

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