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Enabling Adaptive Assessments in your account adds the Adaptive grade type as a set up option for assessments and evaluations. Adaptive assessments can be further customized through the Section Mastery Score property and the addition of Assessment Actions to recommend or require learning activities based on a learner's score in a specific section.

This article provides information on enabling adaptive assessments for your account and gives an overview of the platform components added to the admin interface with adaptive assessments enabled.

Platform Settings & Components

Platform set up

Adaptive assessments require an account-level setting change before any features are available for use with your assessments. Contact your Customer Success Manager or an Intellum representative for more information.

Platform Components

Once enabled for your account, the following options and components are added to the admin interface to support adaptive assessment set up and delivery:

Adaptive Grade Type

You'll find a new grade type of Adaptive available for use with assessments, facilitated assessments, and evaluations. An adaptive grade type requires the learner to score above the mastery score set for each section of questions in the assessment.

Edit Section Mastery Score

The option to Edit Section Mastery Score is added to the Questions page when you assign the adaptive grade type to an assessment. You'll use this to define the minimum score a learner must achieve to pass the question sections included in your assessment. Each question section in your assessment can be given a custom section mastery score.

Assessment Actions

Assessment Actions are especially powerful when coupled with adaptive assessments - they can create recommended or required enrollments in learning activities for learner follow up. Set up assessment actions for question sections to recommend or require learning activities when a learner scores below, or within, a specific range for a section.

Heads up!

Assessment actions are optional, but give you the opportunity to recommend learning to learners who may be trying to prove subject mastery by retaking an adaptive assessment.

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