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Social Chat lets you communicate directly with learners, start a group conversation dedicated to a specific topic, or spark a conversation with users engaged in a learning activity, all without ever leaving the Intellum platform.

Social Chat is built into the experience of Social on the web and the Social mobile app. With Social Chat enabled, users access chats through an icon in the platform's navigation menu.

This article will walk you through Social Chat setup and how to create and edit group chats.

Platform Setup

Social Chat is included in your subscription to Intellum Social. If you currently use Social and want to enable Chat for your organization, please contact an Intellum representative.

Social Chat Settings

Settings for Social Chat give you options for implementing the feature to meet your organization's and your users' needs. To learn more, please see the following article.

Create & Edit Group Chats

Social Chat helps users connect one-on-one, but it also lets you connect to the expertise and interests of different segments of your users. Create group chats for announcements, to share resources, or for embedding in a Page activity.

To create a group chat, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Start New Chat in the top left corner in Social Chat.
  2. Search for and select the users for the group chat.
  3. Click Chat to create the group chat.
Access Chat/Channel Settings to update the chat/channel name, change your notification settings, and review group chat members.

To add or edit a group chat name, follow the steps below:

  1. With the group chat open, click the gear icon to open Chat Settings (or Channel Settings).
  2. Click + Add a Chat Name under Chat Name (or Edit under Channel Name).
  3. Enter a new name for the group chat. Please note that adding a name for the first time will turn the chat into a channel.
  4. Click Save to the right of the new name to make the change.

When it comes to locating the group chat URL, open Chat Settings (or Channel Settings). You'll find the option to copy the group chat URL to your clipboard. You can use the URL to invite new members to the chat. Any user who accesses the chat via the URL is automatically added to the group.

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