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This article provides a list of properties that are carried over when an activity is duplicated. You can use this list as a reference when duplicating activities.

Duplicated properties

  • Name

Note: The word "copy" will appear next to the name of a duplicated activity. This indicates that it is a copy of the original activity. You can then update the activity name as needed.

  • Duration
  • Difficulty
  • Hero Image
  • Published Date
  • Author
  • Credit Units
  • All Custom Fields
  • Allow Events
  • Locale
  • Exclude Activity From Search Results
  • Include Activity In Browse
  • Summary
  • Key Words
  • Public View
  • Enable Activity Sharing
  • Require Course Purchase
  • Price
  • Days Until Access Will Expire
  • Revoke Enrollment Access
  • Hide Enrollment Until
  • Max Attendance
  • Waitlist
  • Require Admin Authorization
  • Require student Confirmation
  • Total Students On Waitlist
  • Allow Retakes
  • Days to lock Retake After Failure
  • Completion Notification
  • Mark As Complete
  • Mark As Complete Message
  • Due Within
  • Level XP
  • Level Gold
  • Reply To Address
  • Equivalency Type
  • Restricted Admin
  • Survey

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