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The Intellum Platform and our Social applications support users in multiple languages and provide capabilities for activities in different languages.

Intellum Platform

The Intellum Platform interface has been translated into over 40 languages.

The following languages are currently available for use as locales in the Intellum Platform:

Arabic Australian English Bengali
British English Bulgarian Burmese
Canadian English Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Taiwan)
Croatian Czech Danish
Dutch English Estonian
Finnish French French Canadian
German Greek Hebrew
Hindi Hungarian Indonesian
Italian Japanese Kannada
Korean Latvian Lithuanian
Malay Marathi Mongolian
Norwegian Polish Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal) Romanian Russian
Serbian (Cyrillic) Serbian (Latin) Sinhala
Slovak Slovenian Spanish
Spanish (Latin America) Spanish (Mexico) Swedish
Tamil Telugu Thai
Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese

By default, all available languages are available for every account. An administrator can activate available language Locales, as needed, in Account Settings.

Intellum Social

Intellum Social application interfaces have been translated into the following languages for use as locales:

  • British-English
  • English
  • French
  • French-Canadian
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Additional language support

Accounts that would like to request a new language to be added to the list of supported languages can work with their account manager to request the new language and coordinate timing.

As new languages are added they are made available to all accounts.

New languages should be requested at least one month​ before they are needed to ensure adequate time for translation, review, and testing. There will be a charge for adding a new language.

In-App Review

New languages will be submitted to human translators at our in-app review partner, prior to production release, and will only be available on a release server until our partner has completed the review and recommendations have been addressed.

Intellum's Account Services Point of Contact is responsible for creating Critical Journey scripts and delivering them to our in-app review partner. Our Engineering team is responsible for ordering the translation and pushing it to the release server.

No new languages or substantial changes to existing languages will be released to production without an in-app review.

New Feature Translations

New translations are required as new features are added to the Intellum Platform and Social apps. Intellum updates translations weekly to ensure all Student pages of the application have translations for the supported languages. Due to our aggressively responsive development cycle, a one-week delay between a feature's release and its subsequent full translation should be expected.

Translation Process

Intellum works with a translation service that uses human translators assisted by machine translation. We are currently using human translators and reviewers via a third-party translation company. For most languages, a second human reviewer verifies the translations.

The translation service is integrated with Intellum’s development processes so that translations can quickly be requested and then updated in the application.

Once translations have been created or updated they will be made available in staging and will be rolled out with the next release.

An in-application quality assurance (QA) review is performed by humans at a third-party reviewer to verify the translations in context. QA reviewers follow standard user journeys using a test or sandbox account.

Translation Issues and Feedback

Many languages can be difficult to translate, and there can be differences of opinion on the best translation for a term. Intellum welcomes feedback regarding translations to something more appropriate in the specific context and will work to accommodate any suggestions for better translations. Changes will be treated as support requests and will be escalated to Intellum's localization team to be addressed.

When two accounts request different translations, Intellum, with input from their translation vendors, will decide on the translation that will be used.

Custom Translations

Accounts configuring custom registration pages or other customized pages will need to work with an Intellum representative to determine the level of multi-language support required. Depending on the customizations, additional translations may be required.

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