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Admin Integrations help you connect the work you do inside the Intellum platform to your tools on the outside. There are 3 Integrations available to Unrestricted and Restricted Admin in the platform - here's a breakdown of the connections each one makes:


  • Add the dates of your enrolled events to a personal/work calendar.


  • Syncs your Reports directly to Google Drive.


  • Add a web conferencing tool to schedule and launch virtual events.

In this article you'll learn how to navigate to the Admin Integrations tab, subscribe to a calendar of event enrollments, authenticate with Google Drive for Report exports, and add a web-conferencing tool for event creation and attendance.

Admin Integrations

Accessing the Integrations Tab

The Integrations tab is accessible within the user profiles of Unrestricted and Restricted Admin in the platform -  in both Admin and Learner view.

  1. Click on your user icon at the top-right to access your account options.
  2. Click My Profile to access your user profile page.
  3. Select the Integrations tab on your profile page.

Subscribe to Your Intellum Calendar

The Calendar integration adds upcoming events from Intellum to your work or personal calendar application. Your Intellum calendar can be added to any application that supports the ICAL format.

  • Subscribe to your calendar:
    • Use the Subscribe button to open your device's default calendar application. Follow the instructions provided by your calendar application to set up your Intellum calendar.
  • Copy the calendar link:
    • Use this option to manually add your Intellum calendar to a calendar application that supports the ICAL format.¬†Follow the instructions provided by your calendar application to set up your Intellum calendar.

Adding the Intellum calendar in Google Calendar

Sync with Google Drive

Authenticating with Google Drive through the Integrations tab gives the platform access to sync the reports you subscribe to directly in Drive - based on a subscription schedule you set.

Authenticating with Google Drive through the Integrations page

After authenticating with Google, a Sync this report to Google Drive option is made available when subscribing to a report - as seen below:

Once authenticated, you can set up your Subscribed Reports to be synced with Google Drive

Add a Web Conferencing Application

Adding a web conferencing application gives you the option to create virtual events within the platform and lets learners launch those virtual events directly from the platform. Intellum supports Adobe Connect, Cisco Webex, or GoToMeeting/GoToTraining/GoToWebinar from Citrix.

Note: the platform supports the integration of multiple web conferencing tools. For each integration you add to your account, you'll see that option reflected as a meeting Type when creating a new virtual event.

Authenticating with a web conference application through the Integrations page
  1. Click on the logo of the application you want to add.
  2. Log into the application to authenticate the application within Intellum.
  3. The log in window redirects you to the platform; your application is now authenticated.

View Web Conference Information

Once authenticated, the Integrations page only displays the logo of your authenticated web conferencing application. Click on the logo to access the Meetings page, which gives you direct access to web conferences and information within the application. You can also log out of the application.

Access the Meetings page by clicking on the logo of the application you added

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