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This release updates Live Preview with a host of new features, as well as making existing functionality more prominent and accessible. All the functionality that was contained in the slide-out toolbar that appeared in the bottom right of Live Preview has been moved to the top Live Preview Toolbar.

Preview Actions Menu

Clicking the three dots in the middle of the Live Preview toolbar allows you to access a mix of new and existing features.

The new features are:

Show ARIA Labels & Alt Text
Enabling this will display every alt tag and ARIA field that is populated with content, allowing you and your reviewers to check that the labeling is adequate and appropriate for accessible content.

Open Learner View
This opens a new tab alongside Live Preview that displays your course as learners will see it, with all the tooling available in the new Live Preview removed. Note that this window won't update with any changes you make in the Editor. Refreshing the screen or closing and re-opening Learner View will update it to display your changes.

Open In Editor
This simply opens the Evolve Editor in the current window.

Show Live Preview Guide
This guide will take you through the Live Preview features, with a short explanation of each. This guide will automatically appear the first time you access the updated Live Preview.

This video demonstrates every function in the Preview Actions menu.

Preview Actions Walkthrough

Device Switcher

You can now switch between desktop, tablet, and phone views in Live Preview. Simply select the icons in the top right of your Live Preview window to see how your course will look on a mobile device, in either orientation.

Here is a video demonstrating the feature.

Other new and enhanced features of the Live Preview Toolbar

Select Element
This existing functionality has a great new feature that allows you to see which answer options are correct in Question Components. Enable by selecting the target icon in the top left of Live Preview. You can then select elements on the page such as Articles, Blocks, and Components to see information related to that element. When a Component is selected, you can see a wealth of information related to Course tracking, including the correct answers for almost all Question Components.

Select Element

The Search feature that exists in the Editor is now also available in Live Preview. You can search for Pages/Topics, Articles, Blocks and Components. Search by type or title, and once you select a search result Live Preview will take you to that part of your course.


This video demonstrates each feature available via the top left part of the Live Preview Toolbar.

Commenting and Reviews

We have enhanced the way Comments and Reviews work in Live Preview. New Comment icons are smaller and less obtrusive, and are highlighted when the Comments window is open for that element. In Reviews, the Live Preview Toolbar has a button to open the Submit Review Feedback window.

This video demonstrates the Commenting and Reviews features.


We always love to receive your feedback on Evolve so you can continue to let us know what you think below. If you find what you think is a BUG however, please report that to Thank you!

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