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Advanced User Filter options let you apply a specific or extensive set of user criteria to narrow down user lists in the Intellum platform.  Once created, an advanced user filter can be saved for repeated application across user lists.

This article provides an overview of creating a new user filter, saving a user filter, and applying previously saved filters to a user list in the platform.

Things to note:

  • Any Saved Filters you create in the platform are specific to your admin profile and are not visible or available to other admins in your account.

Add an Advanced user filter

Add a new saved filter from the Advanced filter option of any user list in the Intellum platform. This includes the main Users list accessible through the admin navigation panel, the user enrollments connected to activities, and participants lists connected to live events.

Create an Advanced user filter

Follow these steps to create an advanced user filter:

  1. Navigate to any user list in the Intellum platform.
  2. Select the Filter dropdown at the top-right of the user list.
  3. Select Advanced.
Navigating to advanced filter options from a user list in the Intellum platform.

The User Filter window opens. Add any appropriate filters. Use the dropdown menus to define the criteria for each filter.

Defining the criteria of an advanced user filter.

Use the + sign to add filters. Use the - sign to remove unnecessary filters.

Use Add Union button to create an "or" operator that enables you to add more than one group of filters to an advanced user filter.

Adding a union combines filters to pull two sets of users, those that match the description before the union and those that match the description after the union.

Save an Advanced user filter

Click Save after defining an advanced user filter to save it to your admin profile.

Saving an advanced user filter.

You'll be prompted to name the advanced user filter

Once saved, the user filter can be applied to any user list in the Intellum platform.

Apply an Advanced user filter

After saving an advanced user filter, you can apply that filter by navigating to any user list in the Intellum platform, selecting the Filter dropdown at the top-right of the user list, and choosing Advanced to open the user filter window.

  1. Select Saved Filters.
  2. Choose the saved filter to be applied to the user list.
  3. Click Filter.
Opening, selecting, and applying an advanced user filter.

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