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Insights grants access to a plethora of data, be it in the form of onsite dashboards or the Data Warehouse connection for your Intellum account. To assist in understanding your data and how to use it, Insights also enables the Data Dictionary where you can review documentation that explains the nuts and bolts of the internal Intellum data structure.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for accessing the Data Dictionary and an overview of its features.

Things to note:

  • Access to the Data Dictionary requires that Insights is enabled for your account. Reach out to an Intellum representative to learn more about Insights.

Accessing the Data Dictionary

Navigate to Admin view in the Intellum platform. Open the admin nav panel and select Settings at the bottom of the list.

To access the Data Dictionary, go to the Apps tab and scroll to find Data Warehouse. Click Access the Intellum Data Documentation. A new browser tab will open.

The Data Warehouse section of the Apps tab in Settings

Data Dictionary Overview

The new browser tab will open to the Data Dictionary homepage. You can click the Get Started button in the middle of the page to navigate to the Documentation tab.

Data Dictionary Homepage

The bar at the top of the screen contains the following features:

  1. Homepage Tab: Click to return to the Data Dictionary homepage.
  2. Documentation Tab: Click to navigate to the Documentation tab.
  3. Internal Documentation Tab: Click to navigate to the Internal Documentation tab.
  4. Link to Intellum Homepage: Click to open a browser tab to Intellum's homepage.
  5. Dark/Light Mode Switch: Click to swap between dark and light modes.
  6. Search Bar: Click to open a search bar where you can look up specific terms and topics.

Documentation & Internal Documentation

The Documentation and Internal Documentation tabs are where you will find the guides and information about your data.

Heads Up!

You must have a email address to access the Internal Documentation tab.

Pages in the Documentation and Internal Documentation tabs are structured the same way. To the left is an interactive table of contents where you can click a topic to bring up that topic's page. Clicking the arrows to the right of the topic names will reveal subtopics.

At the top of the page is a navigation breadcrumb trail. Click specific parts of the trail to navigate to the respective topic or subtopic page. Clicking the home icon will take you to the homepage.

To the right is a page outline where you can click a heading to navigate to that section of the page.

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