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Builder better, more flexible surveys, quizzes, knowledge checks, and more, faster than ever!

  • Drag n’ drop Sections and Questions.
  • Single “Compose” tab for building the page and questions.
  • New preview window to view all your Questions.
  • And more!

🥳 Meet the new Assessments Builder!

Join Nairi, one of our Product Managers, as she takes you on a tour through the new Assessments Builder:

How does it make building Assessments easier?

Actions are now more consolidated and efficient. Here are a few ways the new Assessments Builder will save you time:

One location to edit

The old Assessments Builder made you work in two different tabs: Compose and Questions. One to build out the page’s description and the other to create questions.

Now, when you create a new Assessment, you’ll build the page and the questions all within the Compose tab:

"Compose" tab outlined and emphasized in the new Assessments Builder.
Consolidated "Compose" tab in the new Assessments Builder.

As well, it’s now fewer clicks to create questions. Just click the + sign to the left of any Section or Question to add one of many Question types:

Clicking the plus sign next to a question opens a dropdown menu with many choices for question types. User clicks on "Number Input" for question type.
Adding one of many Question types.

Drag and drop all day!

You could reorder questions and sections with drag and drop before. But now, the revised Assessments Builder lets you drag and drop everything on the Compose tab. You can organize...

  • Question order within a Section
  • Section order
  • Questions you want in a different Section

Watch the versatile drag n' drop feature in action:

Using drag and drop to organize questions and sections.

Preview questions from the Learner's perspective

Click the “Show preview” icon next to any question and swipe through a visual summary of each question in your Assessment:

Clicking "Show Preview" next to any question, opens a preview window to show each question's layout.

This will save you time since you won't have to use "Launch as Learner" to view updates to your questions. Launching the quiz in Learner View opens a new tab, but the new "Show preview" option will let you make quick edits and review your questions all within the Compose tab.

You can also update a question from within the Preview modal by clicking “Edit”. This will open an editing window for the question:

Editing a question from within Preview mode.

What is the impact on the Learner?

This updated Assessments Builder affects the backend creation, not what the learner sees. However, the builder's more efficient and organized layout should increase the quality and output of your assessments and surveys.

How does this affect the Admin experience?

Overall, it makes your Assessment creation more efficient and flexible with a streamlined user experience.

Are there any changes I need to know about?

To aid in a consistent creation process, Admins can choose the question type when creating questions only. An Admin will not be able to change the “Type” of a question once a question has been made.

Below is the old “Type” field, which is now removed from the window for editing questions:

The question "Type" field emphasized with a red box and circle-backslash symbol.
The old "Type" field when editing a question is removed in the new Assessments Builder for simplicity.

The revised and cleaner “Edit Question” window looks like this:

Expanded view of the Edit Question window with fields for the question, answers, and more.
The updates editing window for questions is clean and simple.

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