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Insights optimizes your Intellum account by activating data-driven dashboards that help you review and explore the crucial metrics around your learning content and initiatives.

This article provides an overview of Insights, highlights the Insights dashboards available for your account's learning content and initiatives and provides information on its tracking features and access to the Data Warehouse.

Things to note:

  • Access to initiative dashboards requires Insights to be enabled for your account. Reach out to an Intellum representative to learn more about subscribing to Insights.

Insights: Overview

Insights tracks metrics far beyond content completions to capture critical metrics around the learning content and initiatives in your Intellum account.

Insights adds:

  • Initiative-level insights
  • Content-level insights
  • Intellum Analytics Tracker
  • Intellum Data Warehouse/Data Dictionary

Initiative-level Insights

Initiatives enables you to build prescriptive program tracking into the Intellum platform. Initiatives are the learning programs you deliver toward desired outcomes: onboarding, upskilling, certifications, and more.

Insights gives you access to data dashboards and visualizations of program performance for each initiative you add to the platform.

The chosen initiative type will affect the data the platform tracks and displays:

  • Onboarding: Acquisition, Engagement, Completion, Efficacy, Ratings
  • Skills & Enablement: Acquisition, Engagement, Completion, Efficacy, Ratings
  • Certification: Acquisition, Engagement, Completion, Efficacy, Ratings
  • Compliance: Acquisition, Engagement, Completion, Efficacy, Ratings
  • Video Streaming: Acquisition, Engagement, Completion, Ratings
  • Knowledge Base: Acquisition, Engagement, Ratings

Content-level Insights

With Insights added to your Intellum account, the paths and activities made available to your learners will offer an Insights dashboard focused on acquisition and engagement.

Things to note:

  • Collections do not feature a content-level Insights tab
  • Accounts with Versioning enabled will only see the Insights tab for Published activities.

The chosen content type will affect which data Insights tracks and displays:

  • Paths: Acquisition, Engagement, Completion, Efficacy, Ratings
  • Pages: Acquisition, Engagement, (Instructor-Led Engagement)
  • Assessments: Acquisition, Engagement, (Instructor-Led Engagement)
  • Evolve Course/E-Learning: Acquisition, Engagement
  • Video: Acquisition, Engagement, (Instructor-Led Engagement)
  • Audio: Acquisition, Engagement, (Instructor-Led Engagement)

Intellum Analytics Tracker

Insights uses the Intellum Analytics Tracker to present raw learner data through the Insights dashboards. It’s a JavaScript-based tracker which resides within the platform to collect learner data, including:

Standard Learner Data

  • Page views
  • Completions
  • Time on page
  • Link click conversion
  • Timestamps

Expanded Learner Data

  • Events
  • Evolve Authoring interactions
  • E-commerce
  • Intellum Social: Groups, Chat, and Community
  • Mobile app use

Raw data from the tracker is also available through the Data Warehouse. Utilize data from the tracker to build personalized metrics that help you further tailor content to users.

Intellum Data Warehouse & Data Dictionary

Insights allows you to activate and download access to the Data Warehouse to connect a third-party data tool (e.g., Looker, Tableau, etc.) to the Intellum platform.

To access the Data Warehouse and Dictionary, navigate to Admin view in the Intellum platform. Open the admin nav panel and select Settings at the bottom of the list. Go to the Apps tab and navigate to find the Data Warehouse section.

Capture custom metrics and build custom dashboards in your tools using raw data from the Intellum platform.

The Data Dictionary offers documentation providing coverage of the internal Intellum data structure.

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